Skill level - Beginner

Supplies Needed:
Font used - Coneria Script

Open a new image size

Open the tube you are going to use
Pick a light color forground and a dark color for the background

I chose

Foreground - #cc8dbe
Background - #8d228a

Go to your materials and choose gradient - linear with these settings

(Choose the Gradient Foreground/Background

Just make sure the Angle and Repeats is set at 0

Don't worry about the Center/Focal Point settings

Flood fill your canvas with this gradien

Go to Effects - Plug-in - DSB Flux - Mosiac Ripple
with the settings as below


Apply again only using these settings


Staying on this layer

Go to Effects - Reflection Effects - Pattern

Apply with these settings


Go to Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance


Copy the tube you are going to use (I had to resize mine by 75 percent)

Paste as a new layer

I arranged mine to the left

Duplicate your tube

On the copy of your tube

Apply Blur- Gaussian Blue

Now apply your blend mode at Soft Light - 100

Merge your tube down to the original

Add a new layer at the top of all other layers, flood fill with white

Select All - Float - Contract by 7, hit Delete, Select None.

Add a drop shadow 1, 1, 50 5 and color black

Add a new layer - flood fill with gradient that you used for the background

Select All - Float - Contract by 5, hit Delete, Select None

Add Noise with the following settings: Uniform, 80%, Monochrome checked.

Add a new layer - move this layer between your tube and background

Make a Custom Selection

(####(If you are not sure where the custom selection is)#######

It will then open up on the menu bar
Click on the box where the arrow is


- With the following settings


Flood fill with a light color from your image

Go to Custom Selection again, but change the top and bottom settings only
to top 163 and bottom to 222

Flood fill this selection with a darker color from your tube

Select None



Add your name - font I used Coneria Script

Foreground color - White
Background color I used - #CB6CBE

Add drop shadow

I used



Add drop shadow again changing the vertical and horizontal offset to -1


Apply your copyright information and you are finished!

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial!.



This tutorial was written by Laine on March 8, 2018
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental
Property of Laines Highway

Header artwork ©Alexandra Vanhek